26 May 2009: Tuesday

4 hours until massage time and counting down. I have a ride to do in between now and then with some strength efforts and have just finished up a run with a swim earlier this morning. A pretty standard Tuesday but have to say I am really looking forward to getting on that massage table tonight!! On Sunday I rode the course for Kansas 70.3 - it is going to be a great race. It is a deceptively hard course in my opinion. There are no crazy climbs or anything too steep but it just kind of grinds away at you. There are lots of rollers, lots of false flats and guaranteed to be wind. It was also pretty hot on Sunday but has cooled down a lot the last two days so I guess race day in less than three weeks could bring anything. I have to say it is great though to have a 'home' race - no travel, no packing up the bike, being able to ride and run the course plenty of times, sleep in my own bed......wish they were all this easy!!!