27 April 2009: Packed and almost ready

Almost ready. Packing up for half the year is horrendous especially when that involves all the extra equipment that goes with being a triathlete. But the task is almost done and I have to say right now I am actually really looking forward to getting on that long plane flight so I can have a sleep! I must admit it also helps that I know I will be getting a bed on the plane - so very very happy about that. Normally I travel cattle class but after last years travel and spending a small fortune on plane tickets we have racked up enough points that we were able to use them for an upgrade. Yippee!!! So yes I am looking forward to getting on, watching a movie then sleeping the rest of the way, fingers crossed. I have had my last ride here today, my last swim and am hoping to get in a really quick gym session now before the quick flight down to Sydney for dinner with family. The sun is blazing here and it is a perfect north coast autumn day - I can't decide if it is a good day to be leaving on or if it is sad because it is so nice that I don't want to leave!