27 August 2009: Cooking cravings....

Today has been a semi-rest day. Ran this morning and since then have spent a fair bit of time on the lounge and even some time back in bed! Sometimes I hate rest days and other times I love them - today the body was loving the down time. Only three days until the next race so trying to feel fresh and ready to go is the goal rather than trying to cram some last minute kms. I can't believe it is almost the end of August and it seems that soon it will be winter here and I will be back down in Australia. Bittersweet really - that will mean the end of the season and I am really loving my time here in the US, both training and racing. However I have to say it is always nice to return home to Lennox Head and be in close range of family and friends. And be in my own home and my own kitchen. In fact the other night I was having trouble getting to sleep (that is a very infrequent problem for me) and got to thinking about what I was looking forward to when I got home - more specifically what I was looking forward to about getting into my own kitchen. The result of this sleepless thinking time was a short list of some cooking: (in no real order) 1. My own gravlax and some fresh snapper ceviche (from some of Freckles fresh fish). Not really cooking technically but fresh and delicious.

2. Beef cheeks - exactly as they sound and pure heaven. If you haven't had these you are seriously deprived.

3. Thai - anything and everything from David Thompson's book.

4. A cake. Not just any cake or really a cake for eating but one of those art cakes - more of a sculpture than anything. I will have to invent an occasion I think or find someones birthday just because I think it will be fun and I have always had a fascination with cakes as art and was spoiled growing up by a mother who made the most amazing cakes for us to take to school.Thanks Mum!!

Next up is a trip to Chicago - for the biggest race in the world and a photo shoot. Off to practice my smile.