28 June 2013: Early starts, giggles and tears

Winter really has hit here. I am still not entirely used to wintery weather after having spent every winter for over a decade overseas racing in another hemispheres summer. But the mornings here have got down to single digits - I know that doesn't really count as winter in many other parts of the world but in this coastal town it sends everyone into shock. I have especially noticed the chill as my days start really early. My chance to get out alone and train is early morning while Elsie and my husband are still asleep and before he leaves to go to work. There have been a few 4am starts this week to get a bit more in as my fitness continues to build and I am wanting to build things up. I think though that over the next weeks it might even be easier during the day to plan a bit more training from home as Elsie is getting a bit more predictable in terms of her nap times and is also getting a little better at entertaining herself for a little while (ok its still a very little while!!). She really enjoys watching what I am doing - even if that is riding on the windtrainer or cooking in the kitchen - she happily observes everything. In fact she is at a really gorgeous age - we walk to the shops and she wants to study everyone and everything. Anyone that looks at her is rewarded with a big smile and even a giggle. But she is never ever still, always kicking her legs about and throwing her arms around - I can tell that as she gets older we will really have our hands full keeping up with her. I am now about half way in terms of coming back to racing post birth. I feel as though I have built some fitness but there is still a long way to go. I also know though that 4 weeks can make a huge difference so with almost 10 weeks to go until my planned first race back I think I can make some big improvements. I wont pretend that I expect to be at full fitness at this race but I do hope that I can get through it without it being either miserable or miserably embarrassing. And no its not a sprint or an Olympic distance I will be showing up for but a 70.3. I figure I may as well start with a real challenge and at the very least it will tell me exactly where I am at. I expect to hurt. A lot. Of course if I feel I am just not in the shape to even get on the starting line (or finishing line) then I might use it as an opportunity to get my race head back by just observing and remembering what that environment and atmosphere is like. It will be so different going into a race though with Elsie on the sidelines! And before anyone asks - no I will not be carrying her across any finish lines. I race for myself. Off the race course all my attention will be on her and making sure she is happy and believe me I am sure that I will trying to get to the finish as fast as I can for a cuddle. If she likes the fact that I race (and I really hope she does) then that is fantastic but I race for me and then after the race it is all about her. I know I have a gorgeous baby - not everyone else needs to know that as I cross a finish line. I guess that is just my choice - not a reflection on others or their choices.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - I really love weekends here with my little family, some cafe time, some traning time and lots of cuddles and giggles (as well as a few tears).