28 October 2010: Season changes

I can't help but notice that fall (or autumn depending on where in the world you grew up) is well and truly here. The days have become a lot shorter - in summer used to be up and out the door sometimes by 5.30am to beat the midday heat - now it is hard to get up before 7.30am as the sun also seems to be lagging behind. This morning was really the first cold(ish) day we have had in what has been an amazingly warm and pleasant October. The trees have been showing off with spectacular reds, yellows and oranges but the days have been perfect - not too hot and not too cold at all. No complaints when you are out training in summer kit. But this morning there was definitely a nip in the air and I had to do the quick dash from car to indoor swimming pool complete with hood on head. The forecast looks good though for the week ahead.....come on sun stay strong!!!!!! This cooling down is a real reminder that the season is quickly coming to a close. In fact in two weeks time I will be down in Clearwater, tapered and ready to race my last race of the year - World Champs 70.3. And after that it is time to migrate south for a while - back home to Australia, summer and the beach. As close as that is getting though, there is still a lot to get done here first - including that little race!