29 June 2009: Go girls go!!!

Had a great weekend down at Lake Lanier in Georgia for the Aflac Iron Girl Triathlon. This is actually my third Iron Girl race and I have to say these all women races are awesome. The whole weekend had a great feel to it - fun, relaxed, social and a really great reminder about all that is good about the sport of triathlon. There was a small but top quality group of us pro girls there to race and a huge field of smiling, enthusiastic women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds......many doing a triathlon for the first time too. I have enormous respect for all of these women who have had the courage and determination to challenge themselves to something like that while at the same time juggling careers, kids etc - I think us pros have it easy just having to train!!! Thanks to Judy (who does an incredible job) and the other race organisers as well as the race sponsor Aflac for their support and vision. Thanks also for the many male supporters there to cheer on us girls and take up the volunteer positions! And also thanks for the women I got to talk to both before and during the race!!!! Hope to see you all at another race soon! In the pro wave (Michellie Jones, Mirinda Carfrae, Sam McGlone, Kate Major and Helen Libby) things may have been friendly and relaxed but that changed when the Aflac duck started the race! Lets face it we love to race and there can be friendly competition, but it is still a competition and despite everyone being at different stages of preparation for different focus races I think everyone wanted the win. Also the day before the race Aflac announced they would be awarding primes on the swim, bike and run and then also matching these winnings with a charity donation to the kids cancer hospital. So lots of extra incentive to perform well. I felt I redeemed my swim again and got away fast, leading out the very short 1/3 mile swim with a good gap. (Did I mention how fast the new Sayonara swim skin is?????) Felt great on the bike too and also claimed the bike prime. Unfortunately I seemed to have left my run legs back in Kansas cause they sure weren't there when I got off the bike and when Mirinda came past me I had no response. Was happy with second though.

Now it is back to work - Life Time Fitness in Minneapolis is up next followed by Vineman 70.3 and NYC Tri all in three weeks - so busy times ahead. Look out too for the Iron Girl race which will be televised on NBC on August 2 - straight after Michael Phelps and the other fishies swim at the World Champs in Rome.