29 May 2011: MIM

I know I promised an update from Memphis in May (MIM) - how did the week get away so quickly???? So a whole week after the actual race and I am finally going to try and put some words to the page. I always feel though as if once the race is done it is done and I am so ready to move on and look forward. Despite the fact that there is a lot to learn from reflection and analysis, I find it easier (better?) to try and figure out what to do next rather than what has already passed......Plus I always feel that writing a 'race report' as such is extremely tedious reading. So here is the (very) brief race rundown: A time trial start (delayed by some exciting lightning and thunder) meant that the pros (both men and women mixed together) started 10 seconds apart. This is a pretty unique start and one that requires either more or less tactical racing depending on how you view it. Being a late entry I was started at the back, with just one male behind me. The next closest woman started about 5 minutes ahead of me so I really was racing 'blind' , having no idea for the entire race where I was in relation to the other women. However that suited me for my first race back. I really did not want to get caught up in anyone elses race or to spend my time thinking about where I 'should' have been at a particular point in the race. Instead I was able to just focus on doing what I could with extremely limited fitness and preparation. In hindsight I was extremely happy with my race. I finished (goal number 1); finished in one piece, no flaring injury (major goal number 2); and I don't think I embarrassed myself amongst some quality female pros (goal number 3). My swim and run were solid and I really only seemed to lose time on the bike - something I am not concerned with at all as I only got on my bike 2 weeks before the race. So from here on I can only get better right?

It has been a great learning experience the whole getting injured, forced rest, getting unfit and even racing unfit. I have learnt more about myself and my body and what I feel I need to do to race fast in the last few months than I have learnt over the last few years. I would like to say that I recommend it to everyone but I am not sure you should try and get injured just to test it out!

Next up.....some solid training - getting functionally stronger as well as faster. I have also made the decision not to race Kansas 70.3. A shame as it is my home town race as well as one of the absolute best races on the circuit, but I am just simply not ready to race a 1/2 Ironman, plus my goals lie further into the season. I will however most definitely be in attendance and if you are racing I will be out on course cheering you on!