3 July 2010: Philly, training, LTF

oops. Despite my best intentions to get a race report from Philly up on Sunday evening I realise it is now Saturday and still nothing. To be honest I found it hard to actually write something meaningful about my race last weekend. The tragic death during the sprint race on Saturday was really very sobering and put the importance of the race on Sunday in perspective - its hard to get upset or take too seriously a mediocre performance when there are much bigger things in life going on. Still, I am glad that the race went ahead, and although I know a triathlon format would definitely have suited me better at the moment, the duathlon call was the right one. Duathlons are always tough and the heat and humidity that faced us on race weekend was stifling. The race was actually cut short for a lot of the amateurs - too many people collapsing and the medical tent completely overwhelmed. Combine those conditions with a seriously crowded (and to be honest quite scary) bike course (I was just happy to get off with all my skin intact) and it was just one of those races that is what it is. Get through it, finish the job and move on.The rest of the trip to Philly however was brilliant. I had the opportunity to catch up with several of my great sponsors - Kestrel, Nathan and Accelerade - some really exciting things going on at all three companies. Back to Kansas and full training this week. The last few days I have knocked out some quality sessions and bucket loads of sweat. I woke up this morning pretty sore and tired, knowing that my Saturday morning session is one of the hardest of the week - TT sets on the computrainer and a short hard run. Warming up I could feel it was not going to be a pretty morning. Physically I felt OK but my legs - hammies, quads, calves and glutes were screaming pain. All I could think about were those anatomy drawaings where the muscles have been peeled back. That is what I felt like - as though strips were been torn off my legs. Oh well. The solution was to turn up the music and try and drown out the screaming. Anyway all done now - but the legs still hurt. Time for an afternoon of icing, feet up and watching the Tour!!!

Next up: LTF Minneapolis in one week.