3 July 2011: Back in the land of the living!

Ran one of my favourite trails this morning here in Lawrence by the river. Thunder threatened and while it was warm and humid, thankfully the heat of the last few days was absent. To tell the truth though the weather could have been doing anything it pleased this morning and I still would have been delighted just being out there running and feeling vaguely alive again. For the last few days I have been laid flat - taken out by a case of giardia. Never fun and never ideal between and before races (and particularly when you are behind in training/fitness to begin with). While I can not pinpoint when I might have first picked up the nasty bug, I did have some mild stomach problems a few days prior to my race in Washington DC, before feeling less than stellar in the week leading up to Philly. So while I did manage to swallow some of the river water in Philly (not highly recommended) I actually think it was a problem brewing even before the race in DC. The full hit though came this week (details not necessary) but if anyone has ever experienced giardia it is not too much fun. Hopefully now though with the help of some strong medication I am back on track. A big thankyou to to everyone who came out to the Nutrition and Hydration presentation at Inside Sports Clinic on Thursday, and especially to several of my wonderful sponsors who made it seems like Christmas with plenty of prizes and giveaways. It was great to meet many new and enthusiastic local faces and as always there were some fantastic questions to keep me thinking. Already working on some more clinics/talks for the near future.

Happy 4th July to everyone!