3 May 2013: 3 plus weeks later.......

I can not believe that my little girl is already more than 3 weeks old! It has ben the most amazing couple of weeks and little Elsie Mae has all of us completley smitten and is already shwoing off her own little personality. Its funny how such a tiny little being has the ability to stop everyone and really dictate how, what and when things happen. Without sharing all the details, the birth went very well for all three of us (Elsie, myself and my husband - who was an amazing support throughout). No drugs taken, no swear words, no interventions and no complications - but bloody hard work. Respect to ALL mothers.

I have also enjoyed getting back into some training. Its been hard to make the pool - right now I dont want to leave my baby girl stranded without her food! - but that will come over the next few weeks as she develops a more reliable pattern that I can time some things around. Getting on the bike and even hitting some hard trainer sessions though has been fun as has a return to some short runs. But most of all I am enjoying just sitting with her - it is a pretty magical way to let a few hours slide as she sleeps on my chest. It has also been interesting to see various family members slow down and relax under her spell - happy to just sit in the one spot, hold and look.

More updates coming soon. In the meantime a link to a blog/article I wrote for WITSUP (www.witsup.com) just a few days prior to Elsie's birth on my thoughts and experiences as a pregnant professional athlete and what this means. http://www.witsup.com/pregnancy-and-the-triathlete-tapering-for-the-most-important-race-of-my-life/. I will be writing more updates for this fantastic website which champions women in sport (and particulalry triathlon) on my journey back to racing.