30 April 2010: Busy

So Galveston did not go to plan. I am over that now though. It has been a busy week - flew up to Chicago on Wednesday for an appearance and Q&A at Runners High n' Tri. Great shop and great people - thanks Mark, Pom and the rest of your awesome team for having me! I also have an appearance and Q&A for Garmin at the KC WOW (Women on Wheels) Bike Festival in Kansas City on Saturday. Always nice to be involved in an initiative that promotes women's sport, health and fitness. Then I am off to Columbia, Missouri for the TriZou Triathlon on Sunday - a sprint distance race with a pool swim (two athletes per lane in a numbers limited elite field). I have not done a sprint distance event for a while, so am looking forward to winding it up from the gun! Finally I have decided to do the Rev3 race in Knoxville next weekend. The Kestrel 4000 is still coming too (just held up by a couple of small parts). Tuesday is the build day (promise)....so I will get some photos then! So plenty going on and plenty of racing to look forward to.