30 August 2009: Chicago

Ok so that sucked. No other way to describe it. I managed to get a virus/ stomach bug earlier in the week but perhaps it was wishful thinking that said I would be ok to race. Well no. Think a sack of potatoes trying to swim and a brick with square wheels trying to ride. No super fast swimsuit or bike was going to help me today. I had to call it quits after the bike..... I think they were going to start breaking down the course. Honestly I don't think I would have made a 10km run today.So dissapointing because it is such a cool race, and congratulations to everyone who finished and smashed it out there today. Also hope Andy and Julie are ok after their respective crashes. Photo shoot with Triathlete Mag this afternoon. So hopefully that goes better and there is not a picture of me asleep on the cover in a coming issue.