30 Mar 2009: TV week

OK so it has been almost a week since the last update which I know is really slack.....but really there has not been too much to report! The life of a triathlete is often not that exciting and involves a lot of the same thing every day!! - although not a life I am tempted to swap for anything else. It does look as though it will be a big week of TV for me. That is a lot of time spent on the wind-trainer inside with the TV on - it is pouring rain here today with the forecast of it to continue for a few days yet (am up to 10 hours in the last three days on the trainer). I am a bit shy of riding on the roads when it is really wet - not that I mind myself getting wet (as long as it is not too cold) I just don't trust the cars and driver visibility - so boring as it is, sometimes the trainer really is your best friend. Plus I know it makes me strong - at least that is what I tell myself! I do wish though that there was something actually worthwhile to have on the TV at the same time. So for the next few days there will be no more photos of nice rides - it will just be me down in the garage hoping I am am not also waking up the neighbours.