31 December 2009: I quit!!

That's it - I am done!! No more swimming, biking or running for me. Triathlon is over. Well, for 2009 at least and I have decided to take a break until 2010. That gives me 12 hours from now actually until my next run. Followed quickly by a swim and given it is it the first opportunity of the year for a hard set, I am pretty sure that opportunity will not be wasted. No riding tomorrow - New Years Day is a day I always take a break from the bike - too many people, too little sleep and too many sparkly bubbles (and glass on the roads). I very much doubt I will be seeing in the New Year - at this stage bed and sleep are far too tempting. I know that makes me sound like an old nanna but you don't want to see me when I haven't got enough sleep either!! Besides it is actually far more fun getting up early New Years Day and going for a run, feeling great, while side stepping those a little worse for wear. I hope everyone has a great New Year - best wishes for a fantastic 2010!!