31 Mar 2009: Tuesday

Good day today, in fact Tuesday might well be my favourite day of the week. There is a general pattern to Tuesday's no matter really what time of the year it is. They mostly start with a run - and like this morning it is usually fartlek - my favourite session I think. This morning someone must have been smiling on us too because despite the downpours all night and when I got up to get dressed, the rain stopped for the entire run apart from the very last two minutes when I was walking (yes I know) up the last hill home. After that was a trainer set - today was always going to be inside given the rain but in actual fact Tuesday trainer sets are pretty regular for me anyway. And they are always hard. Another session I really enjoy despite (or probably because) I can barely stand up afterwards. Last training set of the day is a swim which can be a mixed bag - today was more a recovery swim which suited me just fine. So the training is all done for the day - now I need to stretch so I can still walk tomorrow and try and fill in some time (actually I have a lot of things to get done but am procrastinating by writing here!) until it is an acceptable time to start cooking dinner. I am starving right now but 4.30pm does not seem like a reasonable time for any person over the age of three to be eating dinner. Although I have used the excuse before that somewhere in the world it is actually dinner time proper so I will see how long I can last. Tomorrow I am flying to Sydney for the night - a quick catch up with family. That is after what is shaping up to be another wind-trainer ride with rain (and flood warnings) forecast for the rest of the week. Too bad tomorrow is a 4hr ride - that is a lot of really crappy TV so I will have the reviews tomorrow.