11 June 2013: Product test - Lulla-Vibe by Munchkin

I was lucky enough to receive some products from Munchkin recently. They make a huge range of products for babies (and mothers) covering everything from meal times, play time, changing through to sleeping. Right now my little girl is 8 weeks old so sleeping is a pretty big priority for both of us. One of the products that I received to try was the Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad.  It is designed to help little ones fall to sleep by creating a gentle movement. The pad vibrates at two speeds and slips in underneath a cot mattress. At first I thought this an odd product and not one that I would need or have use of (and certainly not one I would have sort out). But two days after the package arrived and with a very tired and grizzly little girl in my arms I decided to try it out. I had nothing to lose anyway.

Lulla Vibe

I cracked the packaging and discovered the first win for the product. Batteries. There is nothing worse than opening a battery powered device to discover that there are no batteries and that the setup and use requires another trip to the shops. So I was impressed with this addition in the Lulla-Vibe.

Lulla Vibe

The battery pack pulls out from inside the pad, but is attached so that not only can it not be lost but is easy to simply push back into place. The only downside was that the battery pack needed a Philips head screwdriver to open and insert the batteries. Holding a tired and now screaming girl and trying to do this was difficult. However it was manageable (just)! The pad was setup and ready in minutes and using only one hand.

Lulla Vibe


The next step was the real test. A tired and upset girl who I had previously tried to put down to sleep and was not having a bar of it. I decided to try the pad in her bouncer. This has a newborn insert inside it meaning that there is essentially a pocket behind her into which I could insert the vibrating pad. Given it is thinner than a mattress I used the pad on the lowest of the two vibrating settings. In she went and while she didn't fall asleep immediately, she did go quiet and put a smile on her face. The pad is set to vibrate for 30 minutes and at this point slowly shut down so that it is not a sudden change that could startle a baby into waking. My little girl though stayed awake (and happy) until it stopped. Then cried. I experimented by switching it on again and this time she was asleep within minutes. I used it again that afternoon, again in her bouncer chair and again she was asleep within minutes - this time for an hour. It meant that I got in some good quality time on the wind trainer while she slept within my view. Priceless.

Since then the pad has proved useful. I don't rely on it every time to get her to sleep. And nor is this necessary. But there have been a couple of times a week when she is overtired and upset and I need her to sleep - not only for her but also so that I can get some things done (like training!) - then it has been fantastic.

Now if only they made an adult sized version. Happy days.