4 January 2012: New year, new workouts

OK I know it is a little late but ......Happy New Year! The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy - with some travel, family and plenty of visitors. In between the eating and sleeping I did manage to get in a little work (aka training). Plus my Dad has been teaching me some new skills. I am a big believer in developing skills outside of the swim, bike, run - hence some of the dynamic training I have been incorporating over the last year including the boxing, yoga, plyometric drills, gym etc. The latest has been rowing. My parents are both actually World and National Champions in Masters rowing and train extremely hard. Despite this I have only been out in the boats (and reluctantly too) a handful of times in my life. The last of which was probably 5 years ago. However Boxing Day morning in Sydney seemed like a good opportunity to hit the water - if for no other reason than it was a stunning day on the harbour. Some poor unsuspecting friend of my parents was roped into joining us and we headed out in a 'quad'. It certainly was beautiful and despite the fact that my lack of skills meant that no one actually got a decent workout in, I did not embarrass everyone entirely and also did not tip the boat. Whilst I surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying it I had a feeling though that everyone was being kinder than was warranted in regards to my skill and so for the last week I have cornered dad into giving me some more tips (at least on the indoor erg). So the new off-season sport for the week has been rowing. And I have really enjoyed it - it is extremely satisfying to try and learn new skill sets and funnily enough it was also proven to be of benefit in strengthening some areas that I need to improve on and which I think ultimately will help me recover completely from the current injury issues. I might not be a rower just yet but it has been fun and I am looking forward to jumping in a boat again on the next trip to Sydney!