4 October 2009: Migration

Time to head south again (at least for a few weeks - I am coming back again stateside for 70.3 World Champs). The leaves are starting to fall and it has definitely cooled off here in Lawrence - so by Tuesday I will be back by the beach in Lennox Head. I can not believe how quickly the last few months have gone and although I am looking forward to getting back to Oz, I am already looking forward to the new season and returning to my base here in Lawrence. In fact I was thinking this morning as I enjoyed my last long run along the river levee that it would be perfect if I could combine aspects of both Lennox and Lawrence - from the people to the training venues to the surrounds and atmosphere. And of course be close to races. Speaking of travel - todays itinerary is: Lawrence to Denver to LA to Sydney to Ballina. Far enough. And the airlines are going to love us, or hate us - probably both - with the amount of luggage we are travelling with. Will have to try on my nicest smile at check in.