5 April 2009: Waiting

It seems like just about everyone else is racing this weekend - some of the boys from the squad are over in New Zealand, two 70.3 races are on and of course IM Oz is being run right now (I am getting a few course-side updates), but for me it is still a month to wait until my next outing. I am happy for that time though actually as I am really enjoying training and things feel as though they are starting to come together. We had a great run session this morning, even if it was still raining!! I was a bit surprised actually after yesterday as I didn't think there was much left of my legs - I blew them apart yesterday morning in a killer trainer set so am pretty sure there were still bits in the garage this morning instead of being out on the run with me. Suffice to say the rest of my lower limbs are now scattered around Lennox. Am now hoping they find their way back before my ride in a few hours time. This looks as though it will be another indoors ride - the sun seems to be poking through right now but there is not much chance of that lasting unfortunately. I find the hard trainer rides are no problem at all - it is the easy rides where I feel like my brain is starting to rot with boredom with a TV for company which seems to be constant ads for scary weight loss pills and even scarier looking 'exercise machines' interspersed with some sort of glass bowl that apparently cooks roast dinners and urges you to "stop wasting time by cooking in the traditional manner". The hard rides I do not even notice what is on - I don't see or hear anything especially because when it starts to really hurt my eyes are always squeezed shut to stop them popping out. So maybe the solution is just to ride that hard all the time?!