6 January 2015: New Year, new plans

It's hard to believe we are already 6 days into 2015! I always love this time of year - long summer days, warm evenings, the feeling of forever salty hair after a swim at the beach and the fact that more people are on holidays and seemingly in a more relaxed frame of mind. Of course the downside is that our smallish village becomes very busy - so busy in fact that yesterday I was unable to buy bananas as there had been a tourist rush! But this is also about the week where things start to settle back into more of a routine and feel less 'holidayish'. Which can be a good thing when it comes to health and fitness.For most people the holidays can be treacherous with lots of Christmas parties, family gatherings and the tempting beckoning of all the treats of the season. I know I definitely made the most of the fantastic cherry season and have probably eaten half my body weight in cherries over the last few weeks. Even exercise or training regimes seems to loosen just a little as routines are thrown out by travel, extra guests in the house or more social catch ups. I do love changing up my training a little routine when travelling but In have to say if I can't start my day with a run, swim, ride or gym session then something just doesn't feel right all day. I find just the simple act of beginning the day well puts me in a good mood and makes me feel more 'settled' all day. It also for whatever reason makes choosing healthy foods easier at each meal. Try it and see if it works for you! I don't make New Years resolutions - never have. I find it just to be a bit contrived - although maybe thats just my excuse for never getting round to it. I do however always have goals and plans - they are always evolving, being added to or ticked off. Here are some of my current goals for the days, weeks, months and years ahead: 1. Make the farmers markets EVERY week. This used to be an absolute given but I have to admit after my daughter was born things got a bit more frantic time-wise. I do love the fact that I can get local organic produce delivered to my door (and intend on still using this service as needed) however I do love getting to the markets. It's just such a different experience and always makes cooking and prep so easy after the fridge is restocked. Plus I really like the fact that my little girl enjoys going as well as seeing and tasting new foods - I think this is an essential part of connecting with food and fostering good food and nutrition relationships. 2. Attempt to grow some herbs again. I do not have a green thumb. At all. I can pretty much kill any plant - especially if its one that isn't directly giving back to me (ie in the edibility stakes). We also don't have the most easily accessible (from the kitchen anyway) garden which makes it less naturally appealing to go out and pick something during cooking time. And agin there is the excuse of 'time'. However excuses aside, we do have a big deck area off the kitchen that I should be using to grow some basic herbs and pot friendly veggies. My daughter has also provided the inspiration for this as well - her love of flowers, getting dirty and getting outside has given me good reason. 3. Get to swim squad. I have to admit becoming pregnant again has sapped all my motivation for solo swims (something I never have a problem with when I have specific training and race goals). Consequently I have not made it to the pool (I have though done some good riding, running and gym time), knowing that my swimming ability means that pool time is lower down the time crunched priority list. However I know it is time and I need to dive back in. As painful and slow as that is going to be initially! 4. Make better use of time but this also includes time to relax and do nothing. I seem to always feel guilty if I am not super busy all the time - although I do actually like being busy with lists of things to get done (and tick off). But i sometimes lose sight of the fact that doing nothing is also doing something and is often just as, if not more important. 5. Blog more! More writing, more photos, more blogs - its all coming so watch out. 6. Lots more but not for sharing here!!