6 June 2009: Old School Racing

OK - these were a treat for me to recently rediscover. I will say the filming is not great and don't blame my parents because it wasn't them who did any of the filming!!! (actually I don't think we ever had a video camera at all) but thankfully another kids father captured these races and I have to say they are great to have a record of. You will notice in all of the races that my tactics (or lack of) are pretty straight forward - sprint to the front and stay there. I hope you enjoy them too!

I'm in blue here - going for it from the start. This was nationals and I am 12. I ran a 4.52 (I do remember that I ran faster at State Champs that year so was pretty disappointed in myself!).

Wearing maroon - and no shoes! Old school grass track. It kind of looks like a long way for a 10 year old when I watch it now. This was Regional Champs

This is State Champs and again I am 10 - same year as the previous race. This was a really close race and for 10 year olds we were actually pretty aggressive racers!! Who ever said sport was about participation and having fun????!!!!!