6 June 2010: KS 70.3

Thank you Lawrence! Thank you for all the local support and cheers (as well as all the support from everyone else too!!) out on the race course today and for all the volunteers who stood out in the hot sun all day to help give us a great race. I really do love being in this town and being able to call it my 'home away from home'. A quick race recap - will have more of a run down tomorrow but right now I am tired and just happy to be sitting inside out of the sun. Its been a long day - a 4am wake up and now am just home at 5pm having spent all day at the race site. But it was worth it - total respect and admiration for those who were still out battling themselves, the heat, the distance to get to that finishline even at 3 and 4pm this afternoon. That is determination and a big congratulations to everyone that got out there and raced.

On my race - another 2nd here (was also 2nd last year again to Chrissie Wellington). Was kind of happy - solid but comfortable swim and led the bike for the first 60km. Lost a bit of focus on the back end and had a quite miserable run. Did get to check out the toilets on the back side of the course (apologies if you happened to get a bit of a flashing as I dashed in and out as quick as I could) - never great for the run split. But still enjoyed it out there - it is perhaps the greatest run course for getting lots of company in all directions.

More tomorrow.........think a glass of red wine might be in order for now - I hear it is good for recovery and a getting a good sleep.