6 March 2010: AB Pro

Well I am pleased to announce (and you can gather from the race suit designs) that I will be working with custom clothing company AB Pro for 2010. You can check out all that they do at www.absublimation.com. Based in San Diego, AB Pro offers a HUGE range of items from event merchandise through to golf, hockey, cycling and triathlon clothing  - and my job is not only to represent them while racing but to help them expand and develop their range of triathlon, cycling, running and sports apparel. At the moment we are looking at designs and fabrics and plan to have some great items out there for teams, clubs and individuals. In fact one of the coolest things is the plan to offer minimum orders of one item....thats right, just one  - no catches - have your own individual race suit and training gear for the season comparatively priced to single retail items! pretty cool I think! Their factory is based out of Vietnam, and I have to say is a pretty amazing set up...if that type of thing interests you this is a video of the factory floor. I will keep you posted on the new triathlon and cycling range!