5 May 2010: Knoxville

Head down to Knoxville tomorrow for the Rev3 Olympic distance race. Looking forward to getting down there and seeing the Rev3 set up having not raced one of their events before. Been a fairly quiet week so far apart from having raced the TriZou Triathlon in Columbia Missouri on Sunday. Really well run event and apparently the biggest pool swim Triathlon in the USA (there were over 850 people racing) and I came away with the win, which is always nice. Was still feeling sore and flat from the damage I did to myself at Galveston 70.3, but I figured sometimes racing is the best training and wanted to stretch the legs out a bit before Knoxville! I never felt like I was able to wind things up to full speed, but I got the job done and had some fun. It was also interesting to head down to Mizzou being based out of Lawrence, KS  - the heart of KU territory! There is certainly some rivalry there, and I won't pretend that it was not fun to win for my KU friends on the Mizzou campus!

Anyway, got some more packing to do for the trip tomorrow!