7 August 2009: Another day ticked off

Another day of training is done! It has been a good week here in Kansas and I feel as though things are starting to come together again. I always find it surprising how much a racing block can take out of you, especially when you throw in a couple of 70.3's. Taking some mid season recovery time was great even though for a couple of days what was a walk in the park only two weeks prior suddenly seems like a monster set. Thankfully that only lasted a couple of days and I have busted out quite a few good sets this week so I know things are on track. Funny how sore, tired muscles can feel so good!!! Have also done quite a few interviews this week - one in print and two podcast/ audio chats. All were different and fun to do and will be out sometime soon - I will post links to all when they are out.Now I am looking forward to the weekend and a really solid couple of days training. Not so sure I am going to enjoy he predicted heat but I have to say we have been extremely lucky with the weather this summer - perfect training weather! Have a great weekend!