7 June 2009: Another week done

Sunday evening and another week of training is done. Have finished dinner and the tornado watch here is finished (at least I think it is!) and life is all good. What better life than that of a pro triathlete? So a new race announcement for the calender - I am now racing Iron Girl on the 28th June in Atlanta. I think this will be a pretty fun weekend. The race is down in Atlanta (well actually on a resort just outside), is an all girls race and is a sprint distance race!! Have not done one of those for some time and will sure be a change in speed from the 70.3 I am racing next weekend here in Kansas!! I think too that will be the kick start back to speed that I will be really needing come July and August with the Life Time Fitness Races.

On the race front I rode the Kansas 70.3 course again this morning. Things are starting to build here and there are more and more bikes and runners out on the course and a couple of campers here already too. I think it is going to be a really great race and the community is also getting behind it. In fact triathlon and the race has been in the local media every day here for the last week or so - profiles on different athletes, TV ads etc. I was even in the paper this morning!!

Hope the week went well for everyone else too!