7 September 2009: Holiday

Its a holiday here today - although not for me. In fact I never know when the public holidays are on either here or in Australia as it just doesn't make any difference to my work! It also doesn't help that I seem to have lost track of the days lately. Anyway being Labor Day I would have thought that everyone should be working extra hard???? Apart from that all is good - the days seem to be getting shorter though and for the last 2 mornings we have woken up to thick fog that has only burnt off late morning. Not so great for riding in but it is actually really nice to run in. It makes for a serene and relaxing run along the river where the visibility was down to maybe 50ft. The few other people out running and riding would suddenly materialise. Training is going well though - after Chicago and a day off to totally re-energise the rest of the week has been tough, and fun and just what I need to finish off the back end of the season.

September also means the start of football season and the first home game for KU was on the weekend. That means 50,000 people in the stadium and another 15,000 or so outside, which is a couple of hundred metres from our house. This is a sports crazy town and is very cool to be a part of  - and yes KU smashed it!!

Also, and most importantly and exciting for me is that I am now working with and representing Rudy Project. I am very proud to be wearing their sunglasses and helmets - they are fast, comfortable and look good! Their TT helmet is unbelievable - so light!! - and designed by John Cobb so now I am guaranteed to be riding faster as well....can't ask for anything more really.

take care - more news soon!!