8 April 2011: Steely Nerve

Things are progressing along with getting back to the start line. I arrive in the USA in about a week, but my time here in Australia has been spent just getting the body working again. I mentioned previously about the neural problems I had at Clearwater 70.3 World Championships at the end of the season (right leg collapsing underneath me on the run) and that we had got to the bottom of the problem…..but healing time is always a challenging process for an athlete! Two corticosteroid injections to the sciatic nerve through piriformis and much consulting with my medical team, treatment from my physiotherapist and masseur and I am officially pain free (and the Achilles pain I was also suffering disappeared once we hit the nerve…..interesting thing neural irritation and how it travels down the leg). Now comes the waiting game of nerve sheath healing time, patience and training to full fitness. I am planning on being back on the start line very shortly, however have to be smart about making sure all is healed first…..patience – not yet my strong point but am working on it.