8 December 2012: Racing inside...(slowly)

With road riding not on the radar for a while, I have been pretty thankful that I have had a great bike and Computrainer set-up. In fact this has always been a big part of my training – I find it just effective from both a fitness and time perspective to be able to head to the garage, get in tough session and be done. The advantages of being able to go as hard as you like without worrying about cars, dogs, other riders etc for me, is priceless. Plus the numbers just never lie. Recently though my time on the Computrainer has become my only bike time, since for me at the moment riding on the road is just not worth the risk nor would I think it would be much fun - and I decided to upgrade from the garage to the lounge room where the Kestrel 4000 bike now takes up prime position. And I think it will be staying there for some time yet! The aerobars are not getting much use – apart from a place to hang the sweat towel and tv remote and right now the wattage numbers are dropping while the numbers on the scales are climbing. A little depressing but I will look forward to the time in a few months where those numbers start to reverse, and hopefully at a much faster rate. Til then though I am enjoying the time on the trainer – rather than the intense suffer-fests that a workout on the computrainer usually entails, these are more about keeping the legs moving and catching up on some good sports, food and nutrition docos.