9 August 2009: Cross country feast

Finally cracked the chardonnay that has been sitting feeling neglected in the fridge. This was the trophy from Vineman and being a 3L bottle of quality wine from La Crema (the run turnaround of the race), we had to wait for an opportunity to share it. This was done with the guys from Sunflower Outdoor and Bike here in Lawrence KS. They are the ones who keep my bike running and race ready and so it was nice to share a glass (or many from such a huge bottle) and some local gourmet pizzas after closing time in the shop....unfortunately I was more in "observation mode" now that I am back into race mode. This came after a couple of days of rest from the over-the-top food adventures of the week before. My mum and dad were in town - they came all the way over from Australia to see me race in NY. Only problem was that as it turned out I didn't end up racing....oops!! So the least we could do was treat them to dinner. Actually the truth is that as soon as I had done my entry for NY Tri, I was also straight onto making the restaurant booking, months ago. For me one of the things I love about travelling to different races are the opportunities to try different restaurants and foods. When I raced in New York last time we ate in an amazing restaurant and so I was excited about going again this year, and also being able to take my parents. The restaurant is wd-50 and the chef is Wylie Dufrense (actually if you are a fellow fan of Top Chef Masters then you will also have recognised him on there). Incredible. That is the only way to describe it - you will just have to go for yourself to find out!!! (or check out the website - there are even some photos of the dishes on there). Proving my geek status and total awe I even got Wylie to sign my menu and got a peek inside the kitchen with him.

As beautiful a night as it was it was in fact the second great dinner we had in NY. The first night there we ended up at a middle eastern restaurant (Taboon) which was also incredible. The eating fest continued with several trips to Dean and Deluca for impeccable produce and coffee. And then just to make sure my parents were sufficiently stuffed for their onward journey, there was also a tour of the Lawrence restaurants. They spent several days with us here which meant cramming in lots of the good local eating venues. And because one degustation meal is just not enough we followed the 11 course wd-50 night with a degustation right here in Lawrence. Hidden away is a local gem - Krause - highly recommended and most unexpected in Kansas (even in Lawrence where there is great food) - it is refined and beautiful and all put together my a husband and wife team out of their family home.

After those efforts I was thankful to get back to training....and I had better train hard and win some races to pay for the last week!! Pity my parents though whose journey continued on to London to visit family and friends for a couple of days and then on to Paris to meet with my older brother and some further gourmet adventures!! Actually it would have been great to go with them - it was so nice to have them here and I would also have loved to catch up with my brother - next time perhaps!

Pip and Wylie

Hanging out in NYC