9 May 2009: Back into it

Settled in and unpacked and the hard training has begun. It is great to be back in Lawrence - everything is familiar which is making getting back into training pretty easy - no need to explore and sort out routes, routines etc (although I am looking forward to doing some of that too!). The achilles is feeling great again - had a longer run this morning and all is good which is both very relieving and frustrating at the same time that it couldn't feel like this last week for the race. Still the alternative of it not feeling much better would be far worse so I am happy. Have now finished up the day of training which also included a semi solid swim and a recovery ride and now just killing some time stretching and blogging before we go and hit the local burger joint for some Kobe beef (mmmm) and catch up with some local friends. Couple of changes to the race calender - obviously I am not currently in Las Vegas for the Iron Girl race, as was originally on the published schedule - that race (for the pros anyway) got moved to a later date. However the new plan is to do a bit of a road trip next weekend and head down to Memphis for the Memphis in May Triathlon. Should be fun!!

Oh and Happy Mothers Day tomorrow to all the mums/moms out there - especially of course my mum!!!!