9 October 2010: Curve balls

There has been a few curve balls thrown this week - one of which has me sitting here in Lawrence instead of down in Dallas getting ready to race in the final LTF series race. After LA I got sick, and while initially I was still confident of racing, it became clear pretty quickly that was would not be happening. So slight change of plans in the short term but the goals for Clearwater remain the same and I am trying to convince myself that in a way missing this race will be a good thing - gives me a small break before hitting some hard work again. Still its not all bad - its a stunning morning here in Lawrence - can't believe the weather is so warm, hot even and I have managed to get out for an easy short ride this morning. Very easy. And very short. But nice to be out doing something after spending much of the last couple of days alternating between bed and the lounge. And now off to the local farmers markets to stock up on all sorts of seasonal goodies - I am pretty sure the fresh produce will help rid any lingering illness!! Good luck to everyone racing this weekend - I hear that aside from Dallas there is a small event going on somewhere in Hawaii.