10 July 2010: LTF Minneapolis - WTF??

The title pretty much sums up my race today. Not sure where my legs were cause they sure weren't out on course with me. Disgusted. Embarrassed. Mad. Those might be some other words to describe the race. Time to use that anger and frustration and turn things around for New York next week. Today in no way reflects how things have been heading in training but maybe I just got this week wrong.Positives from the race: can't think of any right now Negatives: too many to write down. And no I don't want any consoling or sympathy - a slap to the head will do me better. Aside from the one I got from the race today. And the many I have since given myself. I know athletes are their own harshest critics - but that's reality. Congratulations though to the girls who did race well today and my self flagellation is not taking anything away from them. Already looking forward to long hard ride tomorrow to kick the week off.