2 July 2015: Three things I am loving in the kitchen right now

The things I love change by the seasons, and my whim. A few weeks ago it was all about the quince. And eggs. And green smoothies. All of these are still making welcome appearances in my kitchen and at the table, but this week there are three special Bs. What are your current loves?

1.     Banana flour – a more recent revelation for me. More on this special  and versatile flour, the health benefits and how to use, plus a recipe coming soon…..

2.     Beef cheeks – need I say more. Slow (and easy) cooking, winter and melt in your mouth beef. Love love.

3.     Bacon – always makes an appearance in this house and makes almost anything taste better... and improves most days (and moods). Might even be my 2 year olds favourite food.