How to Design Your Own Unique Diet

We don’t need to get too caught up on what it means to have a food allergy, an intolerance, or a sensitivity. Let’s simply say that you have an intolerance for a specific food if you feel better and notice a decrease in symptoms when you avoid it. (Take The Athlete's Fix Food Intolerance Symptoms Quiz.)

You do not need scientific reasoning, a test, or a diagnosis to make this judgment. If you feel better after eliminating a specific food, you don’t need a doctor, nutritionist, or lab technician to confirm your findings. It’s more important for you to simply avoid those problem foods than to fully understand the scientific reasoning for why they don’t agree with you.

Remember also that no one food will be mandatory for you to meet your nutritional goals. History has demonstrated that humans are very good at surviving and thriving on very different diets.

Just as your training plan will be different to that of your training partner, so too your diet will be unique to you. The Athlete’s Fix will guide you through the process of choosing those foods that are best for you and eliminating those that cause problems for you. You’ll create your own, unique diet. Here's the overview:

1. First, you’ll clean up your diet by adopting The Athlete’s Fix Base Functional Diet.

2. Second, you’ll identify other problem foods like FODMAPs and food chemicals.

3. Third, you’ll begin reintroducing foods and observing your reactions to them.

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My new book The Athlete’s Fix will help you find your problem foods—and the foods that make you feel and perform your best. The Athlete's Fix offers a sensible, three-step program to identify food intolerances, navigate popular special diets, and develop your own customized clean diet that will support better health and performance.

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