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Pip offers the opportunity for one on one consults via Skype or Phone. Length of each consult is 1hr 15min with a cost of $150 AUD payable in advance. Bookings are only available using the calendar below. If you have any difficulties making a booking please use the contact form on the website to send a message and we will get back to you ASAP. Cancellations made within 12 hours of scheduled appointment will be payable in full. 

my story

I have always had a deep interest in the human body – how it functions and how environmental and lifestyle factors affect this functioning. As my career as a professional triathlete took off, this focus turned particularly to nutrition – I became fascinated with how, what and when I ate was able to influence not only my race day performance but also my health in general and my ability to handle training loads. Throughout my sporting career I have been fortunate to work with some of the best minds in sports nutrition, further fuelling the desire to not only deepen my own knowledge but also to impart some of this to others. I also believe that as an athlete, where very small percentages matter, this has given me an advantage in understanding how small changes in nutrition can be so critical for overall health.

Nutrition and sports performance are inextricable - finite and specific dietary implementations are advantageous. But nutrition is about more than physical or sporting performance – it is about optimising health, both now and into the future to maximize performance throughout all aspects of your life - whatever that entails. It is about achieving a body weight and composition that makes the thought of a day at the beach not make you want to run and hide; it is about having the stamina to get through a day at work with mental clarity; it is about taking opportunities and making the most of what you have. It is also about enjoying life, enjoying food and looking towards the future.

I feel very fortunate that I have been able to compete at the very highest level in sport for the past 15 years, including representing Australia and reaching the number 1 world ranking. But these experiences have offered more than sport – I have travelled to many different countries, interacting and experiencing different cultures, people, traditions; and through this have gained a broader understanding of issues relating to food, nutrition and health and the unique requirements of each individual.

Beyond the ‘nutrients’ level, I have a genuine love of food. In fact my favourite place to be is in the kitchen or at the market shopping for produce. How can you expect to impart an interest in food and nutrition if you yourself do not have this passion?! This extends to how I shop and cook as well as my knowledge of how food is grown, produced, prepared and served; and issues relating to food security and sustainability.


  • Masters Nutrition and Dietetics (Griffith University, Australia)
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Sports Nutrition (IOC – International Olympic Committee Medical Commission)
  • B. Science (Human Life Sciences) (Curtin University, Australia)

my experience

My experience and education within the fields of nutrition and sports nutrition have seen me work in a number of different avenues including: personal consultant to individuals and teams; Contributing Editor (Nutrition) for Triathlete Magazine (USA); contributing writer for various national and international publications and websites; chapter author in a popular sports nutrition publication; presenter and speaker for groups, clubs and corporations on health, fitness and nutrition.

I have worked with Professional and elite athletes; Junior elites; Masters athletes; Weekend Warriors and those for whom exercise is a dirty word. From weight loss through to improvements in athletic performance, I have worked with clients to ensure success.