Pip offers services in the following areas. 

 PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Expert advice based on the latest scientific and nutrition research, and emerging consumer trends. 

  • Build authenticity in the market through evidence based, insightful counsel to create new products or strategically position existing ones.
  • Liaison with research teams, food scientists, regulatory compliance, marketing teams.
  • For ingredient manufacturers or primary producers: educate commercial clients and manufacturers on products, and communication of benefits and nutritional marketing.

·COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING: Development of nutritionally, and scientifically accurate marketing materials and engaging content including: 

  • Product information documents, usage guides
  • Website, print and social media content with relevant, up to date information for a variety of audiences
  • Press releases on new products or research relating to product or benefit of ingredients, and communicate with relevant media outlets.
  • Co-ordinate with internal/existing marketing teams and/or external providers such as graphic designers, web developers as appropriate, to create accurate, innovative materials and meet business and branding objectives.
  • Curation of reliable scientific research pertinent to product and company for both external and internal use with areas of interest and opportunity highlighted and broken down. 


  • Act as expert professional spokesperson at functions and events
  • Develop engaging and unique presentations, workshops and masterclasses tailored to product or company.
  • Technical support and advice to existing and prospective clients/consumers and various stakeholders (from medical/nutrition/healthcare fields to retailers, consumers, investors).
  • Sports performance seminars


CORPORATE HEALTH & WELLNESS: Development of tailored programs including presentations, workshops, health and fitness challenges and assessment of workplace food environment in terms of health and productivity.

Magazines and Web

Pip currently writes, or has written for the following publications (amongst others). Many contain searchable archives.

Triathlete Magazine
Triathlon and Multisport Magazine
Australian Women's Health and Fitness